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Hi I'm Umut Can Altın I am an Electronics Enginnering student in Eskisehir Technical University. But I am a HERO for humanity because I love write new Reinforcement Learning ALgorithms or Deep learning frameworks.

As an Embedded System Engineer ı can do anything!!!

Artificial İntelligence

Embedded Systems

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that 30+ projects done sucessfully!

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As an electronics engineering student ı have lots of power that came from my school like embedded system design or FPGA coding, but also ı am a researcher in the field of Artificial İntelligence. This topic includes some of new things in the community like Reinforcement Learning and İmitation Learning. But as everybody knows, they are just math. And ı basically love math!!!



Reinforcement Learning




Deep Learning


Embedded Languages


Other Algorithmic Problems



This program includes signal proccessing circuit theory and electronics.

And with technical lessons like embedded systems, image proccessing, System On Chip Design ; our skills can easily improve.


Work Experience

Embedded Communication System Developer 2017-2018

HIDROANA- Anadolu University

This role includes some embedded and some communication protocol knowladge. As a job role, ı made telemetry system for hydrogen powered car project. And also my role has a part of MatLab simulations for energy efficiency control and safety check.

Machine Learning Researcher 2018-2019

Industry Oriented Research Project

İf you were in the indoor location and you couldnt find your particular location just like robots what could you do. Of course GPS does not work!!! As a researcher ı and my team developed a way to find location of the target with wi-fi signals in indoor with not much data and ONLINE.

Reinforcement Learning Research 2018-2019

With my advisor Ismail San, we analyse the Evolutionary algorithms with merging reinforcement learning algorithms for continuous robotic control tasks. Our main material for that research was Evolution Guided Policy Gradient paper and it was very impressive İntel AI work. Our paper will be publised soon. Keep waiting...

Deep Learning For Embedded Systems 2019-20

So you write a code for deep learning in python. İt was great to see the classification of images in real time yeah!! But what if yo would like to take and use it in the industry? Could you do that with python. No. So we just write a framework for otomatic python to FPGA converter for deep learning architectures.

Artificial İntelligence Mentor 2018-20

In our country we dont have any much mentor for learning new things. So with Deep Learning Turkey organisation ı can get this opportunity teach students or just curious peoples.

Research Engineer 2019-20

RE-SCIENCE Technological Consultancy Industry Trade Limited Company unmanned and otonomuous system developer.

This part was designed for students who wants to learn about implementation of reinforcement learning algorithms. Vİdeos are taken Turkish.(There is no English support yet.)

Watch my Youtube Lessons About RL

February 17, 2019 | Q Learning Implementation |

Q Learning Implementation

As an model-free reinforcement learning algorithm, Q learning.

February 7, 2019 | Sarsa Implementation |

Sarsa Implementation

SARSA is an on-policy algorithm where, in the current state, S an action, A is taken and the agent gets a reward, R and ends up in next state, S1 and takes action, A1 in S1.

February 27, 2019 | Policy Iteration |

Policy Iteration

The policy iteration algorithm manipulates the policy directly, rather than finding it indirectly via the optimal value function.

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